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Adult vaccines can boost immune system defenses
Wed  Apr 22 2015 10:36AM
DEAR DR. ROACH: I was wondering what adult vaccines should be given to enhance the immune system, in addition to improving sleep and diet. — P.P. ANSWER: Our bodies’ immune … read more.
Researchers may have a cure for colorblindess
Wed  Apr 22 2015 10:36AM
SEATTLE - For the more than 10 million Americans with colorblindness, there’s never been a treatment, let alone a cure, for the condition that leaves them unable to distinguish certain … read more.
Heartworm Awareness Month
Wed  Apr 22 2015 08:30AM
April is National Heartworm Awareness Month and SPCA Florida is educating the public on how to keep pets safe from this potentially deadly disease as well as encouraging people to … read more.
Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge
Fri  Apr 24 2015 04:32PM
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The global pharmaceutical industry is pouring billions of dollars into developing treatments for rare diseases, which once drew little interest from major drugmakers but now point … read more.
The scoop on red wine: Healthy or hype?
Tue  Apr 14 2015 11:26AM
Chances are, you’ve heard about some of the health benefits of drinking red wine — in moderation, of course. But is it a miracle elixir? Does it really have heart … read more.
Weighting for change
Tue  Apr 14 2015 11:26AM
For many good reasons, health experts and policymakers continually seek ways to encourage Americans to become healthier. Mostly, these efforts fall short. (Raise your hand if you’ve met your New … read more.
Upcoming free health lectures
Wed  Apr 15 2015 12:18PM
These events are free, but seating is limited. Light refreshments will be provided. Reserve your spot in advance using the RSVP as noted with each listing. below or visit … read more.
Decrease risk of brain injury falls
Wed  Mar 25 2015 08:30AM
A simple fall can change your reality. One day you know the difference between a hairbrush and a toothbrush. But after a head injury from a fall, you might not … read more.
DOH recognizes National Nutrition Month
Wed  Mar 18 2015 08:30AM
The Florida Department of Health in Polk County recognizes March as National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme, “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” encourages individuals to adopt healthy choices for a … read more.
LWMC offers help with special enrollment period
Wed  Mar 4 2015 08:30AM
If you’re in the process of filing your 2014 taxes and learn you’re going to be penalized for not having health insurance in 2014, you may qualify for a special … read more.
Yoga catching on as therapy for veterans’ PTSD
Wed  Apr 22 2015 10:35AM
WASHINGTON — Army Lt. Col. John Thurman lost 26 co-workers in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon. He endured severe smoke inhalation while trapped in the building for … read more.
Concussion blood marker could be a hit
Wed  Apr 22 2015 10:36AM
Determining whether someone – a football player, for example – has suffered a concussion can be difficult. The line between yes and no can be, well, a little fuzzy. What’s … read more.
Get up close and personal with Tahini
Wed  Apr 15 2015 12:18PM
You frequently ask what tahini is and how to use it. Let’s explore this fabulously tasty and wholesome food. Tahini is a creamy paste that resembles peanut butter, and is … read more.
doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away, new study finds
Wed  Apr 22 2015 10:36AM
CHICAGO — An apple a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away. That’s according to new research that found daily apple eaters had just as many doctor visits as those … read more.
Study: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig most reliable for weight loss
Tue  Apr 14 2015 11:26AM
Dieters looking to maximize their chances for long-term weight loss should consider trying Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, according to a new review of clinical trials. People who used the … read more.
Adult Day Care Center to go up for sale
Wed  Mar 25 2015 08:30AM
In the hope of trying to get some money out of it, Polk County has decided to sell the Adult Day Care Center in Lake Wales. It will be using … read more.
Watson staff earns black belt
Wed  Apr 8 2015 08:30AM
Kimberly Downs, an analyst in the clinic’s Continuous Improvement Department, recently earned a six Sigma Black Belt certification by the American Society for Quality. As an essential component of Watson … read more.
Citizen CPR working to save lives
Wed  Mar 4 2015 08:30AM
Retired Polk County firefighter Benny Luke is making his way around Polk County to teach people how to save lives. “Sometimes cardiac arrest can happen without warning,” he said. “People … read more.
February is American Heart Month
Wed  Feb 18 2015 08:30AM
The heart is the body’s hardest working organ. Even though it weighs less than a pound, our four-chambered — two pump heart moves blood through 55,000 miles of blood vessels … read more.
Vittone promoted to deputy chief of medical services
Wed  Mar 4 2015 08:30AM
County Manager Jim Freeman appointed Raf A. Vittone as deputy chief of medical services for Polk County Fire Rescue. Vittone has been employed by Polk County since 1989, serving as … read more.