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Get advice on grocery shopping
Wed  Feb 15 2017 08:30AM
WINTER HAVEN – “I want to eat healthy but it is too much trouble?” If you have said that then join Chat and Chew for the March Grocery Tour in … read more.
Losing weight ain’t cheap
Mon  Feb 20 2017 05:22PM
It’s getting there. It’s getting there. At this past Saturday’s weigh-in the scale read 178 pounds; three pounds fewer than the week before. All told, since I started on Dec. … read more.
BayCare welcomes four board certified physicians
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
BayCare Medical Group is expanding services in Polk County with the addition of four new physicians. Dr. Preyanka Aggarwal and Dr. Wendy Quiles are Primary Care physicians, Dr. Christopher N. … read more.
Now it’s really serious. Now comes the digging deep, digging in
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
I don’t know what to make of this past Saturday’s Box ‘n’ Burn workout at Ultimate Fitness, and perhaps I’m making it out to be more than it is. Forty-five … read more.
Cupcakes Anonymous just short of the goal
Wed  Feb 1 2017 10:02AM
It was a bit of a setback for Cupcakes Anonymous, according to team captain Virginia Condello, as the team dropped to second place because one of its members gained two pounds … read more.
Why can’t I just wake up and be slender?
Wed  Feb 1 2017 10:02AM
Slowly, surely, progress is being made. As of this past Saturday, I clocked in at 183 pounds. That’s 2½ pounds less than the week before; and since I started Dec. … read more.
Polk DOH: Good time to get a flu shot
Wed  Feb 1 2017 10:02AM
The Polk Count Department of Health said with it now being flu season, there is no more important time than now to get vaccine. “Flu strains change from year to … read more.
Visualizing the end result could be helping
Wed  Jan 18 2017 08:30AM
OK, weight loss challenge start date is fast approaching. Jan. 21. Cannot wait. Isn’t that obvious? Of course, others participating in various competitions have been making noise about acting like gluttons … read more.
Life in transition? This may help
Wed  Jan 11 2017 08:30AM
There is a known folklore expression: “Too soon old, too late smart.” While cute sounding, if anything it’s a far cry from the truth. As long as one still has … read more.
Mancil named employee of month at LWMC
Wed  Jan 11 2017 08:30AM
Registered nurse Kaylie Mancil was named November Employee of the month at Lake Wales Medical Center. Mancil, who has worked for the hospital since 2010, was recognized for going above … read more.
‘Through the Looking Glass’ into the future
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
Ovarian cancer is one of the most pernicious forms of the disease. Quite often its symptoms mimic those of other conditions, such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). But the worst … read more.
Guests ‘putter’ away at VISTE Ball
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
Due to construction taking place at Tiger Town, this year’s VISTE Ball, with its theme this year being golf, was instead held Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Lakeland Center. It … read more.
Fitness and flexibility aids driving safety
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
It’s no secret that as we age our hearing, eyesight, endurance, stamina, strength, and eye-hand coordination doesn’t perform like it once did. Our declining physical ability puts us at greater … read more.
Baycare brings Absorb Stent to area hospital
Wed  Feb 8 2017 08:30AM
A breakthrough in the treatment of blocked coronary arteries is coming to the heart centers of BayCare Health System. Called Absorb, the stent is approved by the FDA (U.S. Food … read more.
Punching Out Parkinson’s campaign begins
Wed  Jan 18 2017 08:30AM
A new Punching Out Parkinson’s non-contact boxing workout kicked off last Wednesday at Tigers World in Winter Haven. “As we all age, living every day feeling as good as possible … read more.
Puff and grunt and enter for free
Wed  Jan 18 2017 08:30AM
Although the temperature was mild, the sky was overcast, the sun struggling to break through the clouds. To one side of Fort Blount Park, by the fountain, Marie Wilmot was … read more.
Donuts Anonymous vow to lose ... weight
Wed  Jan 18 2017 08:30AM
It’s game on for those participating in Dr. Alex Aqui’s “Belly Off” participants as weigh-in took place late last week, and team Donuts Anonymous, consisting of (in alphabetical order) Melony … read more.
Roggow looking to transform lives
Wed  Jan 11 2017 08:30AM
It is the start of a new year and throughout the county health facilities are offering competitions spurring people to get into shape. In Winter Haven, one facility participating is … read more.
Area doc’s paper helps fight Lyme disease
Wed  Jan 11 2017 08:30AM
Dr. Jeffrey A. Rumbaugh co-authored a study that sheds light on the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of neurological effects resulting from Lyme disease. Titled “Antibiotics for the Neurological … read more.
Cue the ‘Rocky’ theme song
Mon  Jan 9 2017 09:24PM
OK, call it chomping at the bit, but I simply couldn’t wait until mid-January to start getting fit, so went to Ultimate Fitness (in which I am participating in this … read more.