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Hot, humid days expected
Sun  Jul 5 2015 06:47PM
Southwest Florida residents sweltering with a heat index reaching 105 degrees over the weekend should get some relief this work week. The index measuring what the weather feels like with … Find out how to read more online.
Feral practices tamed
Sat  Jul 4 2015 08:30AM
CHARLOTTE COUNTY — The county is implementing a new procedure for the removal of feral hogs from county-owned land. The revised standard operating procedure, which went into effect June 1, states … Find out how to read more online.
Overtime overreaction?
Sun  Jul 5 2015 08:30AM
Local reaction to an Obama administration proposal to increase eligibility for overtime pay is split. It may mean more money in some people’s pocket, but many say businesses will just … Find out how to read more online.
Building keeps booming in North Port
Sat  Jul 4 2015 08:30AM
The fireworks you hear tonight might be an echo of North Port’s building boom. Coming off a strong final six months of 2014, when the city issued 312 permits worth … Find out how to read more online.
A bright idea: County saves on energy bills
Tue  Jun 30 2015 03:58PM
MURDOCK — The initial results of an energy-conservation initiative for county facilities have exceeded the projections of a long-term program that is expected to yield a total of $5 million in … Find out how to read more online.
Nancy Lisby to be honored at Fourth Fest
Thu  Jul 2 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — The woman who cannot retire is being asked to step forward and accept a grateful community’s thanks for the enduring contributions she has made over the course … Find out how to read more online.
IDs released in Venice murder-suicide
Tue  Jun 30 2015 03:58PM
VENICE — The identities of the family found dead Friday in what authorities say was a double homicide and suicide at the Fairfield Inn & Suites have been released, but … Find out how to read more online.
An ‘adventure called family’
Tue  Jun 30 2015 03:58PM
The first seven months in her mother’s womb, Jasmine was motionless. Doctors told her mother that even if she lived, she would be in a persistent vegetative state. They urged … Find out how to read more online.
Marauders’ mission: Blow Po River bridge
Wed  Jul 1 2015 11:29AM
The target: a major bridge over the Po River near Pavia in northern Italy used by the Germans in World War II to move men and equipment south to the … Find out how to read more online.
Area ham operators have Field Day with purpose
Sun  Jun 28 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — When Hurricane Charley blew through in August 2004, Dave Hanson was prepared. With not one, but two, solar-powered radio systems at his home, the ham operator was … Find out how to read more online.
Court decision: Win for some; others not so sure
Fri  Jun 26 2015 08:30AM
Judy Schnabel considers herself one of the lucky ones. After 20 years as a legal assistant at a large pharmaceutical company, she retired at the age of 50 with a “good … Find out how to read more online.
Child molester sentenced to life in prison
Sat  Jun 27 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — A judge on Friday denied a convicted child molester’s motion for a new trial, and sentenced him to a mandatory term of life in prison. Jose Almodovar-Chaparro, … Find out how to read more online.

Sat  Jun 27 2015 08:30AM

In Sunday’s edition of the Sun

It’s been more than a decade since environmentalists and the Charlotte County Commission fought the phosphate industry over perceived dangers to the health of …

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Forecast: Hot and humid with a chance of rain storms
Fri  Jun 26 2015 08:30AM
Southwest Florida residents can expect the usual hot and humid summer weather this weekend with afternoon rain showers. The weekend forecast shows highs in the lower 90s and lows in … Find out how to read more online.
Scott budget cuts hurt local free clinics
Fri  Jun 26 2015 08:30AM
Gov. Rick Scott’s budget cut of $9.5 million to charitable clinics will hurt locally. State legislators supported a $9.5 million allocation to the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. The association … Find out how to read more online.
‘Operation Vittles’
Fri  Jun 26 2015 08:30AM
ENGLEWOOD — At the end of World War II, defeated Germany was divided into four sectors — the American zone, the British zone, the French zone and the Russian zone. Although … Find out how to read more online.
Vietnam Wall receives state grant but fundraising continues
Wed  Jun 24 2015 08:30AM
CHARLOTTE COUNTY — Bill Akins, fundraising chairman for the Vietnam Wall of Southwest Florida Committee, could not have been happier Tuesday when he received news the $150,000 grant from the … Find out how to read more online.
New info made public in murder case
Mon  Jun 22 2015 08:30AM
New information has been made public in Charlotte County’s only murder case since May 2012 in which the suspected murderers did not kill themselves. Kello Bonhomme, 40, of Port Charlotte, … Find out how to read more online.
County to discuss becoming ‘better partner’
Tue  Jun 23 2015 08:30AM
Charlotte is weighing a decision that one county commissioner says would make it “better partners” with some nearby counties like it. At a pre-agenda meeting Monday, the Charlotte County Commission … Find out how to read more online.
CNN Top Stories
Sailor, cruiser unscathed in Allied invasions
Sun  Jul 5 2015 06:56PM
The USS Philadelphia sailed in convoys to Algeria and Sicily through the treacherous Mediterranean of 1943. It entered Palermo Harbor and struck at enemy shore batteries, and was there when … Find out how to read more online.
So many ways for ‘Freedom’ to ring
Sun  Jul 5 2015 08:30AM
Independence Day means so many different things to the diverse cast of characters that call Southwest Florida home. To some, it’s time once again to follow the tide across Charlotte … Find out how to read more online.
Residents sound off as sewer project takes hold
Thu  Jul 2 2015 08:30AM
PORT CHARLOTTE — An active kayaker, Nadine Ross is looking forward to exploring the canals in her new Spring Lake neighborhood. But after she moved into her home in April, … Find out how to read more online.
Boaters: Keep an eye out for manatees
Fri  Jul 3 2015 08:30AM
ENGLEWOOD — An aerial survey in February suggested a record number of more than 6,000 manatees swam in Florida waters. But as 2015 progresses, more manatees are dying from watercraft … Find out how to read more online.
A history of sewer plans, resident pans
Thu  Jul 2 2015 08:30AM
PORT CHARLOTTE — When Adam Cummings first arrived on the County Commission in 1994, he was immediately placed in the line of fire. A large-scale plan to convert septics to … Find out how to read more online.
Dreher requests new trial on burglary, theft charges
Wed  Jul 1 2015 09:58AM
After a four-day trial in June that returned a guilty verdict of burglary and theft charges for Danielle Dreher, the former wife of slain Charlotte County firefighter Sam Dreher, Danielle’s … Find out how to read more online.
US 41 drainage project winds down
Mon  Jun 29 2015 08:30AM
PORT CHARLOTTE — After 19 months of construction, creating huge engineering challenges and major inconvenience for business owners, the U.S. 41 microtunneling drainage project is wrapping up. The process of … Find out how to read more online.
Protecting the Peace
Tue  Jun 30 2015 11:10PM
There are times when the Peace River trickles at a pace. Fishermen don’t need anchors as their vessels float in place. Gators can bask along the banks without even the … Find out how to read more online.
Keeping the passion alive
Mon  Jun 29 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — While watching the 1998 film, “Saving Private Ryan,” a little lightbulb went off in Elaine Johns’ head. She recalled her grandfather telling her about his experiences in … Find out how to read more online.
EARS complies with Sarasota County regulations
Sun  Jun 28 2015 03:01PM
ENGLEWOOD — EARS Animal Rescue Sanctuary had until today to relocate more than 40 cats following a zoning complaint that made it stop taking in new felines. Although EARS, at … Find out how to read more online.
FWC: ‘Criminal’ investigation into possible brass theft
Sat  Jun 27 2015 08:30AM
CHARLOTTE COUNTY — Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Inspector General Mike Troelstrup said Friday his office is conducting a “criminal investigation regarding the possible theft of large amounts of … Find out how to read more online.
Roberson offers mixed review on budget
Sat  Jun 27 2015 08:30AM
PORT CHARLOTTE — State Rep. Ken Roberson said the recently concluded legislative session was marked by discord and compromise, but eventually achieved many of its goals. Even viewed through the … Find out how to read more online.
Big Food merger suit helps Cheney
Sat  Jun 27 2015 08:30AM
A federal judge this week issued a preliminary injunction blocking the planned acquisition of US Foods by Sysco Corp. The Federal Trade Commission had filed suit to stop the purchase … Find out how to read more online.
Budget ups and downs
Wed  Jun 24 2015 08:30AM
Punta Gorda officials had plenty to celebrate Tuesday after Gov. Rick Scott signed into law a state budget that includes $4 million for a water project the city has tried … Find out how to read more online.
Gasparilla Road construction moving fast
Fri  Jun 26 2015 08:30AM
SOUTH GULF COVE — The expansion of Gasparilla Road is cruising. The 2.5-mile road project calls for the two-lane road to be expanded to four lanes from the Gasparilla Road … Find out how to read more online.
State agrees to pay $135K in local whistleblower case
Wed  Jun 24 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — The state has agreed to pay $135,000 as part of a settlement with a man who claimed he was fired from the Charlotte Correctional Institution for exposing … Find out how to read more online.
Home sales are hot
Tue  Jun 23 2015 08:30AM
Home prices sizzled across the region as Southwest Florida’s real estate market continued to heat up in May. According to the Punta Gorda-Port Charlotte-North Port Realtor Association, Charlotte County saw … Find out how to read more online.
Serious boat crash still under investigation
Tue  Jun 23 2015 08:30AM
PUNTA GORDA — State authorities haven’t confirmed what caused the operator of a 16-foot Wellcraft boat to lose control and hit a concrete piling under the Barron Collier Bridge (U.S. … Find out how to read more online.
Danger in the water
Sun  Jun 21 2015 08:30AM
There have been about a dozen shark attacks off the waters of Florida this year, but health officials recently warned there is something else potentially more dangerous in the water. … Find out how to read more online.