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</head> Have a happy and safe Halloween
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Updated: 11/01/2012 08:00:05AM

Have a happy and safe Halloween

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Bartow Police Chief Joseph Hall

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Halloween is here. The city of Bartow will come alive just before dark with little costumed youngsters in face masks walking the streets with only one purpose in mind; getting candy as fast as they can, by going to as many doors as possible.

The Bartow Police Department will be out in full force, but it is imperative for parents and guardians to take safety seriously-and be proactive about it. Safety tips tend to say the same thing every year, and unfortunately we just don’t take them serious enough. I am urging you to take them seriously all of the time.

Tips that will make your Halloween more enjoyable are:

Wear reflective clothing.

Carry a flashlight after dark.

Make sure that the costume(s) chosen are designed so that you can see clearly through the mask.

Visit those houses that you are familiar with.

Motorists should be extra careful.

Children should not be allowed to Trick or Treat alone.

Carry a cell phone for emergencies.

Most importantly, make sure that your children DO NOT eat any candy until you have inspected it.

Parents and guardians should take the time to inspect all candy gathered. Do not allow candy to be eaten that is opened, or treats that are not in sealed wrappers. As always, call the police department at 534-5034 immediately if you encounter any suspicious or tainted candy products.

Be safe, and have a Happy Halloween.