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Romney and GOP fight divorce, abortion and pornography
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Updated: 09/23/2012 08:00:37AM

Romney and GOP fight divorce, abortion and pornography

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America was built on several foundational principles – our “basics.” We were founded with a hand on the Bible and with “Our Lord” in the Constitution. When we violate our core basics, it is always destructive.

Slavery violates our basics. Everyone has God-given rights. The Civil War, fueled by the immorality of slavery, killed more Americans than any of our wars.

Sexual immorality violates our basics. Adultery is the stuff that topples nations. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin researched 86 empires that crashed due to sexual immorality.

Why does America have more broken homes than any nation? When the Bible was minimized and pornography was given a place of influence, the resulting sexual immorality contributed to divorce and abortion.

The immorality of abortion costs more American lives every year than the total of all our wars. From the moment of conception, everyone has God-given rights.

God loves everyone, but adultery is not a God-given right. If sexual immorality were beneficial, our Lord would promote it. See Ephesians 5, I Corinthians 13, and my daughter’s paraphrase:

Gratefully, Romney, Ryan, and the Republican Party support life, marriage, fiscal responsibility, and the enforcement of our anti-pornography laws.

What would Jesus do? He tells everyone to go the right direction.

That is not hate speech; that is authentic love. That is good for today and forever.

John 3:16 is basic.

Virgil Ullom

Babson Park