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Updated: 10/05/2012 11:17:24AM

Are you going to
watch the presidential debate on Wednesday? What do you hope to
learn from it?

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Paul Simmons

"I'm going to watch it. I'm anxious to see how well they can articulate to get get this country back into economic shape. I want to hear the plans."

Carla Meeks

"I will watch it. I hope Romney will give a rebuttal of all the negative campaigns Obama side has put out on him."

Kathy Tate

"No. I'm undecided on who to vote for. I wish there was an underdog."

Andrew Perry

"I plan to watch. I hope that Mitt Romney makes his case to the people that he is the best choice. The debate gives Romney a national stage to make his case because of the bias of the mainstream media toward media."

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