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Think About It!
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Updated: 11/11/2012 08:00:18AM

Think About It!

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Do you want people to remember you as a dream breaker: striving to hold a person back, interfering with their progression to achieve success or reflect your own feelings of inadequacy on others? Do you want people to remember you being jealous of those who do succeed and always try to depress or antagonize others? Do you want to be a dream breaker, a purveyor of doom and gloom and tell him or her they will never succeed? A wise pastor told me that everyone in this world wants to be remembered for doing something positive or great before they leave this Earth: Achieving an objective, assisting others, complete a project for oneself else, the list can be ongoing. The pastor stated, you have to make a difference on your job, in your community.

When he told me this vital information, I was attending an institution of higher education working on an advance degree; that was my focus. But the words he told me would change my life forever. The wise pastor told me, you have to give more than you receive, and let people know that you care. Do you want people to remember you as an influential leader or do you want them to remember you as a gossiper, a non-productive person who likes to keep confusion and disruption in people’s life or their occupation? The wise pastor informed me “the brain handles optimistic and undesirable information in a diverse hemisphere, which side will you choice?”

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