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Look for reasons for violence
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Updated: 12/20/2012 08:00:02AM

Look for reasons for violence

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I pray for the survivors of the victims of the horrendous killings in Connecticut. No words, regardless of how eloquent or good intentioned can bring back their loved ones that died because an obviously deranged perpetrator of these senseless murders.

Many voices will rise once again claiming and demanding for a strict control of firearms. As far as I remember, I owned at one time or another rifles, shotguns, and handguns, but it never crossed my mind to aim one at any of my fellow human beings. You may want to know my reason for having a gun that could cause harm or even death. I can enumerate some of them here: I like target shooting, and even knowing that some of my friends don’t like it, hunting. One very personal reason is that I like to have weapons for self-defense. Yes, self-defense ... ! I stated before and I say it again, I am lucky so far that I have never needed to point my gun in harms way!

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