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Are you proud of President Obama?
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Updated: 10/04/2013 06:40:48PM

Are you proud

of President Obama?

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Let me ask you, fellow Americans, are you proud of President Obama? Do you notice how Mr. Putin continuously upstages and embarrasses him (and America in the process)? The latest episode with Syria started because Obama shot off his mouth about getting involved in Syria’s civil war, which wasn’t our business. Now he wants to take sides with the Al Qaida rebels? People listen to me. Obama’s actions prove he is not a leader — his presidency is a joke, unfortunately it’s a joke on America. Obama is a community organizer. He is indecisive because he doesn’t know what to do as a President and has advisors who are just as confused, if they are even listened to. America’s standing throughout the world has been severely damaged — other countries can no longer trust us (or take our word). Obama has thrown good leaders under the bus (along with many good Americans), and encouraged the radical Muslim brotherhood leaders onward to overthrown their governments (Arab Spring? Occupy Wall Street?).

Obama has nearly doubled our national debt, increased unemployment and worsened the economy with his wild ideas, and increased the number of folks on the government dole which makes them dependent on the government to survive (forget the American work ethics). Obama is responsible for numerous (what he calls phony) scandals through Government agencies from the IRS, DOJ, EPA, NSA, Homeland Security, Bengazi, etc., and his DOJ never pursues the guilty parties. Instead these rogue government agencies give the violators promotions (to keep them quiet, perhaps?) while his DOJ goes after state voter laws which require a voter provide photo-ID to prove who he is and that his vote is valid, which would help prevent the voter fraud which occurred in the 2012 elections (surprised?). Obama has recruited many former communist-leaning America-hating radicals as his “advisors”, (his 30-40 shadow government “czars”), none of whom could ever get congressional approval.

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