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Updated: 08/01/2013 08:00:28AM

Me and Willy vs. The Thing

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I’ve never been one to believe that we could actually “enter the Twilight Zone,” as the old TV show used to say. But did you ever get the feeling that the Twilight Zone has entered your life? I shall type this as fast as I can, in case I disappear and am never heard from again.

There’s this short plant thingy in my yard that might be an alien. It’s been there several years and I’ve been waiting for it to grow up and get bigger, to no avail. It has fronds on it, making me think it’s a palm, except that’s all there is to it - fronds and no trunk. Well, I should be careful what I wish for. Now the thing has suddenly sprouted something on top of it, right in the middle, that looks like some kind of spikey (is that even a word?) brain. It’s alive!

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