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Updated: 10/05/2013 08:00:03AM

Food stamps for everyone

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I just finished reading Paul Krugman’s letter in the editorial section of the Oct. 2 Lake Wales News.

As usual, Krugman takes the side of Obama’s big-government ideals, in claiming the SNAP/Food Stamps help many children to grow up healthy. I guess it does IF, and I do mean IF, the food stamps are spent as intended, for food. Those of us who want to see this program reduced in size and cost want to know why the SNAP/Food Stamp cards are being used at strip clubs, casinos, ATMs and Disney, not to mention giving them to the freeloading surfer dude who was too lazy to work. This is the “able-bodied people” conservatives are talking about. Also, you have the deadbeat dads who have multiple children with multiple women and the women sit at home and collect food stamps for their children while the deadbeats take the food stamps and exchange them for cash, drugs, alcohol and go out and party. And some of these SNAP recipients even claim SNAP benefits for their children who live back in Mexico. Every big-government program will have some corruption, but this program is extremely ripe for corruption and fraud because there is no serious validation of deservibility. Our government has further promoted SNAP by running ads for it in Mexico. And you don’t think this adds to our illegal population? Hello?

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